In full bloom

Community Tree

June's phone box decoration

Decorated bike done for the open churches festival May 2017


Work in progress on the new planters.

Leyla supervising.

A wet and soggy day for planting bulbs.

Photo's by S Rose.

JUNE 2016
Wild flowers along the public footpath beside the cemetery.

Photo's by S Rose.

November 2015
A wet morning bu the Bloomers were out planting bulbs at the burial ground. The next project will be a stall at the christmas market in December.

August 2015

Berries on the newly planted Rowan tree

kexby bus shelter with a very attractive flower box, thanks to Jenny Whiteside and helpers.

Wild flowers have bloomed around the trees planted at Upton by the path behind the burial ground


25th February 2015

The 4 trees on the edge of the footpath behind the burial ground have now been planted, along with some snowdrops kindly donated by John Alsop. The trees are Apple, Cherry, Rowan and Hazel, hopefully in a few years time both people and wildlife will enjoy the fruit and nuts. A few remaining snowdrops were planted near the war memorial, with more to follow when the steps are in place."


25th January 2015

"The Bloomers" were out in the sunshine on Sunday morning clearing a site between the public footpath and burial ground in Upton. We filled 5 large sacks with rubbish and rescued 2 hibernating toads. When the time is right we will plant some small trees and bulbs."